NYT replays its Iraq pre-war build-up for Honduras

Embedded journalists, State Department client think tank articles, and a full-on campaign in the New York Times to counteract the voices from within Honduras and within Congress—louder every day—calling for a stop to military and police aid and training to Honduras as long as those institutions continue to daily carry out human rights violations including torture, arbitrary detention, and murder.

Articles, in order of appearance online (not date officially listed):

  1. An embedded piece of SOUTHCOM propaganda by a smitten reporter who apparently doesn't realize a coup has taken place:
    Lessons of Iraq Help U.S. Fight a Drug War in Honduras (see critiques by Cliff Bob and Dawn Paley)
  2. An advertisement for model cities, the narco-paradises promoted by Lobo designed to appeal to libertarian sensibilities while usurping lands and any pretense of democratic or civic rights:
    Who Wants to Buy Honduras?
  3. Shifter of the Monologue provides his "tough love" prescription to appease his friends at State and DoD:
    Military Aid Is Unattractive, but Unavoidable

(on the last one, for "balance", an article by Tom Hayden is included as a sort of counterpoint)


More on #3

I forgot to point out that Hayden's article was not only a counterpoint to Shifter's, but to the four other Military Industrial Complex mouthpieces the Times asked to opine in their "Room for Debate" section, this time titled (eek) Should U.S. Troops Fight the War on Drugs? That's journalistic balance for ya.