Erick Martínez, QEPD

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Erick at a Resistance Forum in 2010. He is. was. It hurts to write in the past tense. Erick, a journalist, LGBT community leader and candidate for the LIBRE party, is someone I have deeply admired for his bravery. Like Walter Tróchez, he was a resistance leader and a leader in the fight for LGBT rights who would not be silenced despite knowing that because of his actions, one day, he could be murdered. He is the 75th member of the LGBT community and 21st journalist killed since the coup, according to the Agentes de Cambio press release. So while Pepe Lobo was getting his award in International Leadership from Ileana Ros-Lehtinen & co., his real leadership—in creating a climate of impunity for human rights violations targeting resistance members and the gay community in particular—helped to kill my friend. Erick, you are missed.



It turns out I confused my Erick Martinezes- the one I appear with above is another Erick Martinez from Kukulcán. Which of course makes Erick's murder no less of an outrage.