Kubiske promotes May Day and takes Pepe to the museum

So Ambassador Kubiske recognized May Day...sort of:

Ambassador Kubiske ‏ @USAmbHonduras

International #Workers' Day started in Chicago 1886. 1 workers' demand was free public education. Education still key to growth. @laborday

Never mind the 8-hour day demand, the police provocateur, the killing of anarchists...suddenly it's about education. Okay. Public education's important. And when Dan Beeton called her on it, her fierce dedication to free public education, um, faltered:

Dan Beeton ‏ @Dan_Beeton

@USAmbHonduras Good point. Are you calling for free public education in the US, #Honduras, or both? #MayDay

Ambassador Kubiske Ambassador Kubiske ‏ @USAmbHonduras

@Dan_Beeton Just noting that US workers called for education as a right, agreeing that educ is critical.

Meanwhile, in line with actual U.S. policy toward Honduran schooling (especially through USAID), which has been focused on helping Lobo destroy the teacher's union and public education, Bill Clinton is slated to speak tomorrow at UNITEC, one of the beneficiaries of the new education law stripping the public university of its power:

Today and yesterday, Kubiske has been tweeting about her current mission, chaperoning Lobo to Penn, whose archeologists happily traded their professional integrity (as HCP details thoroughly in this post) for access to Copán through its overlord, Micheletti pal Ricardo Agurcia. See Pepe's press release.

Ambassador Kubiske ‏ @USAmbHonduras

Now in #Philadelphia for #MAYA 2012; LORDS OF TIME exhibit. Great US-#Honduras cooperation! @PhilTheSphinx http://www.penn.museum/sites/2012/

Tomorrow (or as I write, today)—Monday May 7th—she will most likely accompany him to receive his well-deserved CHLI award for Leadership in International Relations Human Rights Violations in DC. Bienvenidos a Washington...