How do you get a murderous narco rep off your shoulder?

So there's this joke, it goes like this:

A:"How do you get a perico off your shoulder?"
B: "How?"
A: (turns head and snorts off shoulder)

Perico—Spanish for parrot—is also slang for cocaine. Which is interesting, given that Ramón Wilberto NuilaCoto's latest puff piece of Facussé is using parrots (and the World Parrot Trust, operating to clean the blood off Facussé's hands in Zacate just as WWF has done by green-certifying Dinant in the north) in another attempt to clean up the coke smuggling murderer's reputation.

Last time NuilaCoto lauded Facussé's conservation efforts in Zacate Grande for his greenwashing column in La Tribuna there was a formal response from the campesinos there he is displacing with deadly force and through a campaign of terror.

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