Yet another reason to boycott Whole Foods: Lanny Davis!

You may have known about their atrocious labor policies, their union busting campaigns, and their overpriced food (I've long called it "whole paycheck"). You may have heard about their CEO John Mackey's brave stance against healthcare (even Obama's pathetic compromised version of if), which has spurred liberal customers on to call for a boycott. But did you know that Mackey's biggest defender and one of its top lobbyists (against the Employee Free Choice, when that still had any teeth-he surely helped extract them) was none other than Lanny Davis, paid Washington mouthpiece for the fascist–and again, I don't use this word lightly–de facto Honduran government?

For a little more detail, see Jane Hamsher's short piece from yesterday in FDL.



I used to "boycott" Whole Paycheck simply because I found their prices absurd, now I have good reasons to boycott it (without the quotation marks!)