Statement of LASA Central American Section

Christopher L. Chiappari
Ana Patricia Rodriguez
Co-Chairs, CAS-LAS


As researchers, professors and concerned individuals who study and
are acutely concerned about Honduras and Central America, we feel
that it is our professional and personal obligation to speak out
about recent events/the Coup in Honduras.

As we reflect on what has happened, we strongly believe we must
condemn the unconstitutional intervention of the military in deposing
the Head of State and constitutionally elected president of the
Honduran Republic, and expelling him from Honduras/his native land.
It is all too clear that this has threatened political institutions
and created a dangerous situation that has already led to the loss of
life. We call for the immediate return and restoration to office of
President of Manuel Zelaya .

It is further noted that our studied opinion is that such
unconstitutional acts as those committed by the military have
historically undermined the development of democracy in Honduras and
Central America and that this type of action is precisely what
hinders the consolidation of democracy in the region.