Look who's come to rescue Honduran prisoners: Israel.

Prison massacres orchestrated by state security forces have been used over the past decade for a number of things. One of the most sickening is Israeli prison industry profits. After the San Pedro fire the same proposal was floated and seriously considered by the Maduro administration. The problem is that this prison fire (and the others) wasn't a result of faulty prison construction. It was a result of a)overcrowding, which itself results from a complete absence of due process in Honduras (many of the massacred prisoners had never been to court), symptomatic of a rotten-to-the-core golpista court system and the criminalization of poverty and dissent under laws like Pepe Lobo's 2003 anti-gang law and Oscar Álvarez's 2010 anti-terrorist law ; and b) impunity, which gives license for the kind of slaughter we saw today, with police and deputized soldiers shooting first into the prison (instead of releasing prisoners to save their lives) and then into the crowd of relatives who gathered to learn the fate of their loved ones. And impunity is inseparable from the U.S.-supported military coup, during which the plane carrying Zelaya to exile refueled at the U.S. military base in COMAYAGUA, which houses a large and fully-equipped firefighting force. And where were they this morning?

So No, Israel, your prisons will not solve a lack of democracy--not in Israel, and not in Honduras.

From Proceso Digital:

Israel is prepared to support the construction of a maximum-security prison in Honduras

Tegucigalpa - The Israeli ambassador in Honduras, Eliahu López announced that his government is prepared to assist in the construction of a model prison that would be the first in Central America.

The diplomat commented that "In Israel five years ago an ultra-modern prison was built in which what happened in Comayagua could not occur, because it is entirely built with inflammable material."

López presented the project two weeks ago in a meeting with the Central American Integration System (SICA), "without having any idea of what was about to happen," and said that "our cooperation would include a complete package, which would incorporate technical training."

He noted that the cost would be high, but that international organizations and other countries would provide aid to help us in this matter "because it's not a simple issue."

López did not give further details about his conversations with president Porfirio Lobo Sosa, but announced that tomorrow, Thursday he would meet with government authorities in order to present his project once again and, if it is approved "execute it as soon as possible."

Tomorrow the Israeli government is planning to provide medicines for burn treatment as part of its immediate aid.

Israel dispuesto a apoyar construcción de cárcel de máxima seguridad en Honduras

Tegucigalpa - El embajador de Israel concurrente en Honduras, Eliahu López anunció que su gobierno está dispuesto a ayudar en la construcción de una cárcel modelo que sería la primera en Centro América.

El diplomático comentó “que hace cinco años en Israel se construyó una cárcel ultramoderna en la que no puede suceder lo que ocurrió en Comayagua, porque todo está construido con material que no puede ser encendido”.

López presentó el proyecto hace dos semanas en la reunión del Sistemas de Integración Centroamericana (SICA), “sin saber nada de lo que iba a ocurrir” y dijo que “el estilo de cooperación nuestro incluye un paquete completo, en el que se considera la capacitación técnica.

Aseguró que el costo es elevado, pero se puede obtener con la ayuda de los organismos internacionales y países amigos, que pueden apoyarnos en este asunto, “porque no es una cosa sencilla”.

López evitó entrar en detalles de lo que habló con el presidente Porfirio Lobo Sosa, pero anunció que mañana jueves se reunirán con las autoridades del Gobierno, en la que se presentará nuevamente el proyecto y, si es aprobado, “ejecutarlo lo más pronto posible”.

Para mañana se espera la entrega de medicamentos para el tratamiento de quemaduras como parte de la ayuda inmediata del gobierno israelí.