The Honduras Solidarity Network delegation currently in Honduras urges Spanish-speakers tonight to call the Tocoa police department concerning the violent eviction taking place now in the community of Rigores. Following is the delegation report:

Beginning at 1pm today a helicopter started flying very low over Rigores taking pictures of the community.

At approximately 4.30 the attack on the community began, some people ran into hiding troops troops came in and started tearing things up, breaking dishes, throwing peoples things around, hitting people, they grabbed a young girl by the hair, threatened people, and then grabbed Santos Bernabe Cruz Aldana, the 16 year old son of the president of the Movimiento Campesino de Rigores, and dragged him into the bushes, also taken was 15 year old Darwin Leonel Cartagena, it is believed that maybe six people have been taken. A helicopter with armed men hang out of it was hovering very low as if they were going to land, the people are terrorized.

Tonight -
call the police post
fax- 011-504-2444-3106
email - jefatura de Colon jefaturacolon@yahoo.es

Tomorrow morning there will be different telephone targets and an update

Tell the police that you are calling from the United States and are concerned that the Rigores community is being violently evicted even though Minister of Agrarian Reform Carlos Ham guaranteed there would be no eviction until after negotiations.

Say that you are outraged at the report that minors are being dragged into the bushes. The protection of children is one of the highest responsibilities of the police. If any harm comes to the children that is an international crime and the perpetrators and intellectual authors could be subject to prosecution by the International Criminal Court.