URGENT (more detail): Rigores, calls needed in Spanish

Approximately 10 days ago campesinos who had occupied the La Concentida Finca, reclaiming lands which have been under dispute for a number of years with a Standard Fruit producer were evicted. According to campesinos earlier today the campesinos returned to the land. When security guards noted the presence of the campesinos they called the police, four police cars from the Xatruch II combined forces operation arrived. Campesinos report that a grenade exploded inside one of the police cars, killling a police officer.

Police then raided the community of Rigores, search homes and detaining seven residents who they took to the Concentida farm, where the Xatruch II operation launched a heavy attack with Bengali lights and heavy ammunition. A minimum of 40 campesinos have been rounded up, others are still being arrested, according to campesinos "hunted down."

It is feared that the detained are being tortured, also we fear for the safety of the campesinos still seeking refuge, in other forced evictions in the region campesinos have been killed and rapes reported.

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