AP golpista Cuevas on Álvarez and Canahuati "resignations"

Golpista AP reporter Freddy Cuevas can't help but lick the heel of Álvarez's jackboots on the way out in yesterday's article Top Honduras security official resigns, which begins:

A top leader of Honduras' battle against rampant drug violence has resigned, saying he lacked economic support for his efforts and had been stepping on the toes of powerful interests.

Cuevas, who enthusiastically supports Álvarez's heroic narrative for this sudden and unexpected departure of one of Pepe Lobo's closest allies and Janet Napolitano's darling, also manages (once again) to legitimate "rubber bullet" Ramon Custodio by furthering his anti-structural statistical narrative of homicide rates intended to obfuscate the primacy of the coup as a causal factor. He also mentions, as if offhand, the resignation of Foreign Minister Mario Canahuati (who like Álvarez, has presidential ambitions), without even bothering to speculate on a reason. The most likely reason for the timing of the resignation that I have been able to come with is the delicious cable released along with the recent dump, NATIONAL PARTY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE MARIO CANAHAUTI GETTING DESPERATE (08TEGUCIGALPA223), in which the-Ambassador Charles Ford is credited with writing:

Canahuati's desperation has driven him to make laughable public accusations against Lobo and the rest of the NP establishment, which will further discredit him amongst the populace. We believe he has absolutely no chance of gaining any momentum as a candidate and will be forced to leave the race or lose in a landslide. It appears, however, that he wants to hurt his enemies, especially Lobo, on his way out.


Read the whole thing, it's worth it. It really makes Hillary Clinton's BFF Canahuati look like a crazy loose cannon. No wonder Cuevas neglected to mention it.

As for Álvarez, RAJ has an (as usual) deeply insightful post about his resignation, analyzing his post-"resignation" political speeches. Journalist and filmmaker Oscar Estrada speculates that Álvarez's ouster is likely a response to Emo's murder, which caused the stir it was meant to cause, but also caused what perhaps for Álvarez as an unanticipated backlash. And not even the Honduran golpista press has picked up crazy Michelettista expat "La Gringa's" implication that Emo could have been offed by Zelaya's security forces, although Marco Cáceres was happy to post it on his blog "Honduras Weekly." ("Could it be that the Resistance needs a fresh martyr?" she ends her article, provocatively, applying the same absurd Jeremy Spector logic of the Resistance killing itself for political gain).

Cuevas ends his article by quoting the coup-supporting Truth Commission's vastly undercounted, reluctantly admitted targeted assassinations carried out by the regime without providing any background or context: "A truth commission found that at least 20 Zelaya supporters were killed by security forces," following his unsigned article on Emo from 4 days ago, which ended, "A truth commission found that at least 20 Zelaya supporters were killed by security forces."

Contrast this with the Inside Costa Rica article on Emo which ends much more accurately:

More than 200 resistance fighters were killed in Honduras since 2009 and responsible for these crimes remain unpunished, according to FNRP data.