Jeremy Spector (State Dept) blames victims of Lobo's repression for Lobo's repression

...and denies the cause of Ilse Velasquez's death—being shot in the face by a teargas canister, Made in the U.S.A., by Lobo's forces, bought with money supplied to the Honduran military from the U.S. I'm not easily shocked by the State Department anymore, but this is truly jaw-dropping. "Most Hondurans believe..." Really. As a friend said about the email: "I wonder if the guy can pinpoint when he lost his soul or if it was a gradual process in which it slipped away without him realizing it."

From: Spector, Jeremy D
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 2:03 PM
Cc: Maggio, Gregory F (DRL)
Subject: Miriam Miranda Has Been Released

My apologies. I’ve been working on this and other cases all morning.

The US Embassy engaged with the Honduran Government as soon as we became aware of Miriam Miranda’s detention. Last night at approximately 6pm local time, we received confirmation from both Secretary of State of Justice and Human Rights, Ana Pineda, and Minister of Cultural Affairs, Bernard Martinez, that Miriam has been released. Additionally, Secretary Pineda said that an analysis of Miriam’s injuries will be turned over to the Special Prosecutor for Ethnicities as part of the prosecutor’s investigation into Miriam’s detention.

I apologize for the delay.

The US Embassy will continue to follow up on all reports of human rights abuses and calls for full investigations of these reports. Nevertheless, we cannot condone the violence currently being used by demonstrators as well. While we have consistently urged the police to use restraint, some demonstrators have engaged in a level of violence not seen in many years. Many have armed themselves with bottles, rocks, slingshots, clubs with nails affixed to their ends and Molotov cocktails. Others have attacked fast food restaurants and even restaurant playgrounds with rocks. There are credible reports of demonstrators throwing rocks at cars, from bridges, and at buildings. The death of striking teacher and demonstrator Ivania Velásquez, who was run over by a press vehicle, was a tragedy. Other reports of demonstrator injuries are a cause of great concern for the Embassy. That said, so far it appears that the majority of reported injuries are on the side of the security officials. Four soldiers are currently in the hospital with second- and third-degree burns after being hit by Molotov cocktails thrown by demonstrators on March 24. There have been many more injuries from rocks and clubs.

The demonstrators have taken the tactic of blocking major thoroughfares in the city and then resorting to violence against the police who try to dislodge them. As in the US or Europe, the police have the right to clear major thoroughfares when blocked by demonstrators. In the past, demonstrators have moved peacefully. This week they have chosen instead to react violently.

While the protests are nominally by teachers unions, an increasing number of participants are thugs whose objective appears to be inciting violence and chaos. Most Hondurans believe the teachers should return to their classrooms -- Honduran students have been out of their classes for a significant period of time over the past three years -- and negotiate with the government. Most Hondurans believe their complaints against greater local government control of schools are unfounded in our belief, and should be discussed in negotiations, not addressed with violence.

The demonstrations of the past week are truly frightening and a cause for concern. We ask that those in contact with teachers groups encourage them to stop the violence and to return to negotiations, and to their classrooms. The Embassy takes all reports of human rights violation very seriously. We will continue to urge restraint on all sides and to insist on full investigations of all alleged human rights abuses. Let us know if there are any specific reports/cases of human rights violations and the Embassy will insist on a full investigation.

Please stay in touch. Again, I’m sorry for the delay.


Jeremy Spector

Human Rights and Labor Attaché/Oficial de Asuntos Laborales y Derechos Humanos

U.S. Embassy Tegucigalpa/Embajada de los Estados Unidos en Tegucigalpa

Tel: (504) 2237-9699
(504) 2236-9320 X4733

This email is UNCLASSIFIED.


La Gringa, a member of Gustavo Alvarez Facebook Group

I remember seeing the name somewhere... you can find it in the list of members of the General Gustavo Alvarez Group in Facebook.

Does the US Embassy believe the Honduran Government will care?

Do they really believe the Honduran Government will care if they insist on full investigations because of human rights violations?

How many of these investigations have been completed (According to US and European standards) in the last 40 years in Honduras?

What is the number of people who have been brought to justice in this term due to human rights violations?
- How many Government officials ?
- How many Members of the Military ?
- How many Members of Civil Society ?

I am very sure Spector knows how justice is served in Honduras, Cresencio Arcos a former US ambassador was very clear about it, comparing the honduran justice with a "a serpent that bites only the barefoot (the dispossessed) and not those with boots".

He must know that most Hondurans are not naive, they dont believe real justice can be served in the country, they have just learned to live in a country which often resembles a failed State, and they just deal with it every day.

This is the country where corrupt former dicators like Lopez Arellano are buried with honors without having faced justice during his life.

It is the country where a former president back in the 80's would pray in front of National TV , and get into a temple on his knees while at the same time he would wage war against his neighbours, or approve the killings of hundreds of students and members of unions just because of their political opinions, and yes, he was never trialed.

This is the country where a death squad member like Billy Joya still have a chance on prime time TV to talk to the Honduran people , trying to build a case against a democratically elected president, comparing him to Allende in Chile as a threat for the country.

It is the same country where an usurper feels free to read a falsified document in front of the national congress , knowing that justice will never reach him, and receive security paid by the state while becoming a "congressman" for life, also paid by Honduran taxpayers ( And probably U.S. Taxpayers).

It is the country where corruption cases like the one of LatinNode may take several years, and where others like the one related to the Alcatel bribes will never be opened since they involve politicians and current Government officials who are too important.

It is the same country where a "businessman" like Miguel Facusse, uncle of Carlos Flores Facusse, a former president, does business with international banks in the name of the "Development of Honduras", while targeting and killing peasants in Valle Aguan through his private army, with such impunity that can be only observed in the most bizarre fiction movies.

It is the ideal country for corrupt politicians, where political activism is paid with government jobs regardless of the real needs of the country, paid with highly paid contracts, and other favors.

It is one of the most violent countries in the world with a crime rate of (65+ per 100,000 hab) last year, including hundreds of women killed every year, and children dying daily of hunger or murdered by death squads in the name of "Mara's cleansing" ... all this should bring a very disturbing scenario.

In a country with these characteristics., who should Spector be more frightened or concerned about? The student whose frustration takes him to take a slingshot against a repressive policie/army and an armored vehicle? , or the government official or military who is part of the institutionaliazed corruption, and who is using the U.S. Government sponsorship at will.?

It is time that they start listening to the Honduran people, the vast majority represented in the different sectors, regardless of their ideology... .and it is time to stop dealing wih "the same people they have dealt with during the last decades", if they dont do that , nothing will change.

Not listening to them will be a sign not only of incompetence, but also a sign of complicity.

I agree

I agree with everything Jeremy Spector says.

AP, please stop insisting that Ilse Velasquez's death was caused by being shot in the face by a teargas canister, We have all seen the videos (including those filmed by your beloved Channel 36, HCH and TV Globo). In all of the videos, Velasquez can clearly be seen being hit by a vehicle driven by protesters.

of course you agree

And no one's denying that Ilse was run over—after she was knocked to the ground by the teargas canister that destroyed her face (far from where the tires crossed her body) and was determined by the doctors who treated to be what caused her death. Coming from someone who thinks Miriam Miranda's abduction was funny, I don't think even Jeremy Spector would want you on his side. But why don't you write him and let him know? It wouldn't hurt him to have yet another golpista ally.

A Victim of the Government's Repressive Environment


I have watched a couple of the videos, but at least the ones that I have had acces to so far do not give a clear picture about what happened.

Regardless of the combination of events that took place, her death should be seen by everyone as a terrible tragedy.
She was not a criminal, she was a respectful sub-principal of a school, with the same rights of every citizen to demonstrate peacefully. This is just another death in the long list that keeps growing every month.

In my case, I personally believe with no doubt that the very repressive environment is the key factor that contributed directly to her death, regardless of the details that may be public in the near future.

Regarding the other comments besides yours that I have seen posted on this story, it only takes a few seconds to realize that there are still people who can never be taken seriously, or even acknowledged.

Saludos Compañera!, keep up your good work.


I've long gained the ability to brush off the attacks of complete idiots, especially those who are too cowardly to identify themselves while attacking. Unless they are personally insulting others posting here, I leave their comments up (and save them in case they're deleted), precisely so readers can see the kind of violence and abject hatred—a class hatred completely devoid of logic—that the members of the democratic Honduran resistance face from crazy expats and domestic golpistas—the shrinking pool of State Department allies. In fact, the more babbling rants I receive, the more I know I'm doing the right thing.

Honduran ExPat Disinformation Network

I see the Honduran ExPat Disinformation Network is still at force...
You Gringos are traitors to the Honduran people...
Seems those pesky Resistance Fighters just will not go away lol...

American Embassy what? ...

¨The US Embassy will continue to follow up on all reports of human rights abuses and calls for full investigations of these reports.¨

This fabricated report is complete disinformation...

You Gringos will never stop the Honduran Resistance...

¨A man's got to know his limitations¨...

Give ´em hell Quotha...

Honduras Weekly - La Gringa

The two leading Honduran Disinformation Networks...
In action together...

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AP misinformation, too.

2 Tuesday, 29 March 2011 16:10 La Gringa

¨Thanks go to HondurasWeekly for putting out the facts. At least we have that. AP articles are claiming that the teachers are protesting for the return of Mel Zelaya! After numerous hours of watching those rude, shouting union leaders in interviews and talk shows, I can tell you that I've never ONCE heard one of them mention Mel Zelaya's name.¨

Source -

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Traits of the Disinformationalist

4 - Teamwork.

¨Thanks go to HondurasWeekly for putting out the facts. At least we have that.¨

They tend to operate in self-congratulatory and complementary packs or teams. Of course, this can happen naturally in any public forum, but there will likely be an ongoing pattern of frequent exchanges of this sort where professionals are involved. Sometimes one of the players will infiltrate the opponent camp to become a source for straw man or other tactics designed to dilute opponent presentation strength.

5 - Anti-conspiratorial.

¨AP articles are claiming that the teachers are protesting for the return of Mel Zelaya! After numerous hours of watching those rude, shouting union leaders in interviews and talk shows, I can tell you that I've never ONCE heard one of them mention Mel Zelaya's name.¨

They almost always have disdain for 'conspiracy theorists' and, usually, for those who in any way believe JFK was not killed by LHO. Ask yourself why, if they hold such disdain for conspiracy theorists, do they focus on defending a single topic discussed in a NG focusing on conspiracies? One might think they would either be trying to make fools of everyone on every topic, or simply ignore the group they hold in such disdain. Or, one might more rightly conclude they have an ulterior motive for their actions in going out of their way to focus as they do.

Learn the traits of the Disinformationalist -


I hate that they have my initials.

Of course I do

So a tear-gas canister is more dangerous than a laden pickup-truck? I don't think so!
Have a look at the videos again. She, and everyone else, was running from the water-cannon. No tear-gas had been fired at that stage - even the police have the sense to realise that water and tear-gas don't mix particularly well together. The tear-gas was fired afterwards - in fact, you can see the tear-gas smoke starting to appear as the protesters started to move her body.

As for Miranda, I thought it was hilarious that more than one canister was alleged to have hit her stomach. OK, she's a big lady but unless the police now have tear-gas weapon snipers, it's virtually impossible to fire tear-gas canisters with that sort of accuracy.

Thanks for your suggestion. I have emailed Jeremy Spector congratulating him on his comments and letting him know about the vast amount of misinformation, lies and propaganda that is spouted every day by yourself and other like-minded anarchists.