Wong Arévalo's latest telencuesta

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After carrying out a Coup d'Etat over a poll about a National Constituent Assembly, now 15 months later, it's completely legal and acceptable to ask about a constituent assembly.

Despues de cometer un Golpe de Estado por una consulta a un Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, ahora 15 meses despues, es completamente legal y aceptable preguntar por una constituyente. Quien los entiende a estos golpistas.

comments include:
"I don't know whether to laugh or cry"
"OK, now let them drag Wong Arévalo out in his pajamas."


golpistas once, golpistas forever

Golpistas thought things would be nice after the coup, now that they realize it hasn't been that easy, they blame Lobo. And let's not forget Micheletti once (in the eighties) intended to call for a NCA. Maybe now, they think they can put him in power forever by that way. That's the idea they have of a National Constituent Assembly anyway.