Ah, the changing ethical concerns of minor celebrity...You know you're having an impact when you start getting hate mail.

All Philadelphia libraries being shut down

See Who needs fascism when you have neoliberalism? The libraries in Philly are heavily used. I did an event this summer on Honduras there at the huge Free Library and 100 people showed up. The stacks were crowded. You don't need to burn books when you can just shut off public access.

Again with the connections: Myrna Castro, Philadelphia City Council == Same Process. This must be stopped. Go to the website's home page to see the numbers to call and the other actions being organized.

Very briefly- Adolfo Facussé kicked outta Miami

To the utter delight of nearly all my Honduran friends, the head of an important national business association and once of the most powerful golpistas, Adolfo Facussé, was unceremoniously taken from his plane on arrival to Miami and sent back to Honduras, sin visa. Since it happened two days ago the jokes circulating, including a rather elaborate MasterCard ("MelCard") one ("priceless"), are quite a breath of fresh air for a group of small-d democrats who know the worst is still likely yet to come.

Calling DC: G-20 action TOMORROW (Monday)

Beyond the G20 Monday, September 14, 2009

11:00 AM. GLOBAL JUSTICE BIKE RIDE Meet in Dupont Circle (at the fountain) for a global justice bike ride! Earth-supporting cyclists will bike to emblematic locations in the city to demonstrate why and how we're moving beyond the G20. This is a bike ride for earth justice supporters, cycling enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to bike beyond the G20. No permit: This will be a festive group ride through the city and we do not have a permit for it.

Colombian paramilitaries recruited as mercenaries in Honduras

This terrifying yet totally unsurprising development is reported on in Spanish here. Honduran businessmen, unable to find enough willing domestic mercenaries with the necessary training, are seeking international forces to make up their new terrorist "Frente Alvarez Martinez." The unspoken in all of this--since June 28th and before--is the drug cartels, which have more power than anyone, ANYONE, in Honduras.

Similarly on-topic, Billionaires for Wealthcare vs. Teabaggers

Once again, xenophobic red-baiting to prevent healthcare access in U.S./xenophobic red-baiting to prevent democracy in Honduras. Same thing, y'all. From Jesse Freeston:

Little Guantanamo, not really off-topic

The ties between the Bush-era secret prisons carried forward by Obama and the coup-leaders in Honduras are indeed notable, not only for their shared use of genocidal War-on-Terror and tough-on-crime ideology and practice in the execution of their war on the poor, but also in the planned construction of similar high-security prisons (by former Mossad contractors), approved by the Honduran congress.

U.S. Consulate Revokes Micheletti's visa

From the "Political Crisis" section of El Tiempo


Provisional president Roberto Micheletti confirmed receipt of a letter from the U.S. consulate in which it is explained that his visa has been revoked "and therefore [royal] we no longer have a diplomatic visa nor a tourist visa," he said in a statement to the capital radio station HRN.

A plea, at exactly the wrong/right? time

When I wrote my book, it necessarily had to be in English for a variety of institutional and (my own) skill-related reasons. But the primary intended audience was never English-reading academics. It was Hondurans who were experiencing the state and other forms of structural violence that are the primary focus of the book. Since before it was published I have been seeking a Spanish-language publisher willing to finance the translation, which, done right by a professional translator (preferably a Honduran), would cost quite a few grand.

Letter to President Zelaya from INTERPOL

International Criminal Police Organization
The Secretary General
Ronald K. Noble
200, quai Charles de Gaulle
Telephone: +33 4 72 44 70 05

Lyon, August 28, 2009

OLA/36520-2/STA/36-E/JOMA/lb/DCS 39217

Your Excellency President Zelaya,

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