Day 85, September 20th, 2009 from Oscar (translation by Camille Collins Lovell)

Professor Felix Murillo, 36 years of age, was treasurer for the branch of COPEMH (Union of Middle School Teachers) at the Millaselva Institute. He taught at the Vicente Cáceres Central High School during the afternoons and at the Jesús Millaselva in the night school. He was active and disciplined in the many struggles of educators in Honduras. From the beginning of the coup he was very involved in the resistance movement where he formed part of the security and discipline committee. On his motorcycle, he was always at the front of the marches.

On ACORN, race and the new McCarthyism

A rant.

Does the Congress think GM officials have never given advice to prostitutes? And yet, we've socialized the billions they've stolen from American workers. Corporate Capitalism, too big to fail?

CNN asks: Obama as witch doctor: Racist or satirical?

The Biggest Embrace in History, by Dr. Juan Almendares

The Biggest Embrace in History
by Juan Almendares, translation by Camille Collins Lovell

“Have you ever been inside an empty stadium? Try it sometime. Stand in the middle of the field and listen. There is nothing emptier than an empty stadium. There is nothing more silent than the stands with nobody in them”. Eduardo Galeano

Mad as Hell Doctors

These mad as hell doctors are coming to a town near you, ending up with a big rally in DC on September 30th:

In the meantime, DC folk: we are having a Flag Memorial for Health Justice Week starting tomorrow and continuing through the 27th. A new study released on Thursday shows that at minimum, more than 44,000 people die in America each day due to lack of health insurance. That comes to 120 people each day. We are placing flags on the National Mall to represent the number of people who have died so far this year and each day we will add more flags. It will be at the corner of 15th St and Constitution Ave. Come join us!

SF: Protest the Honduran Coup Monday Sept. 28th

Details in English and Español at



De Facto Regime Terrorizes Father of Slain Youth

To see original article by Jeremy Kryt complete with photos, go to Earth Island Journal.

De Facto Regime Terrorizes Father of Slain Youth

Day 82, September 17, 2009 from Oscar (my translation)

Today in Honduras we celebrate the Day of the Teacher, and this time, their party was in the streets. We have to pay our respects to the men and women who teach, and who have heroically resisted this usurping government which continues to use all its repressive arsenal to bust their union. Assassinations and beatings, persecution and threats, rigged judicial processes, prison and accusations in the media, takeovers of schools by people claiming to be parents of schoolchildren, insults and campaigns to discredit them are only a few of the resources that the dictatorship has used--to no effect.

OOPS! Look what I found.

Stiglitz's nervous defense of global corporate capitalism, on the eve of the Pittsburgh G-20. To be read in conjunction with Samir Amin's timely and scathing critique of the previous Stiglitz Report, catchily titled Report of the Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System (and for a strikingly different insider perspective, read Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann's parting speech). Read closely. There's a sincere attempt by Stiglitz to co-opt the rhetoric of the opposition, but it Quote below image of cover page.

2 articles on attacks on media TODAY (my hurried translations)

Yesterday, executives of Channel 36 accused the provisional government of Roberto Micheletti of having sabotaged their television signal, which they achieved through contracting "terrorist hijackers."

In a communique transmitted on various occasions in the news segment "Así Se Informa" ("Get Informed"), Channel 36 blames the government of Micheletti in complicity with the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL) and the Honduran Telecommunications Company (HONDUTEL) for the sabotage.

Coup inciting revolution in Honduras?

Another in a series of great videos on Honduras by Jesse Freeston at The Real News, featuring Oscar Estrada:

More at The Real News
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