All airports shut down

A clear attempt to prevent Insulza, Arias, and any observers from entering the country.

Police shooting into peaceful crowd outside Brazilian embassy

The military are forcing protesters away from the embassy, shooting at them. It is feared that they will invade the embassy.

Let us embrace the dreams of hope and liberty, by Juan Almendares

Let us embrace the dreams of hope and liberty

Juan Almendares, translation by RAJ

To planetary humanity, to the friends, men and women, of International Earth.

To the Movement for World Peace.

Today we add to the local and worldwide jubilation for the heroic return
of the legitimate president of the Republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya
Rosales, who has received the popular warmth and the hospitality of the
Embassy of Brazil and who expresses a spirit of dialogue, of openness and
of firmness so that the constitutional order will return, without

Micheletti's goons ransack Burger King

...wearing black hoods, pretending to be black bloc, trying to provide an excuse for the repression to come. The provocateurs are out in force tonight, as the resistance, standing by the elected president of Honduras, peacefully ignores the 26-hour curfew.

Clinton's colonialist games

Clinton and Arias had a brief press conference today. The transcript is available at It was little better that her outrageous claim, earlier this summer, that Zelaya, on attempting to return to his country as legitimate president (and Honduran citizen) was acting "recklessly." In fact, it may have been worse. A brief point-by-point of what's so wrong with it:

De facto government issues 4pm curfew

In a desperate attempt to maintain control, the de facto Micheletti government has declared via national radio (as usual, avoiding legal channels) a state of siege from 4pm today until 7am tomorrow morning. Throughout the country, Hondurans daring to go outside risk being shot by the military or police.

Military convoys turned back by the resistance

Radio Progreso is still on the air, reporting on the unfolding situation, despite a military attempt to shut them down 1/2 hour ago. The military vehicles were forced away by the masses of people who came to defend the station. They expect them to return.

With regards to the Arias "Accords" (which can hardly be called that since the de facto government refused to even consider them), it is heartening to see Zelaya's current rhetoric is not conciliatory. He says he has come back to enter into a large-scale dialogue, not with the usurpers, but with the people.

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CEPR press release on Zelaya's return

Zelaya Reported Back in Honduras: Washington Will Have to Chose Sides, Says CEPR Co-Director Mark Weisbrot

For Immediate Release: September 21, 2009
Contact: Dan Beeton, 202-239-1460

Washington, D.C. - President Manuel Zelaya's reported return to Honduras would be a significant move and could force an end to the political crisis that followed the June 28 coup d'etat, Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, said today.

Confirmed: Zelaya in the Brazilian Embassy of Tegucigalpa

Near the U.N. building, very close to the U.S. embassy. Everything's close, actually. The reporter asks the man on the street: "Señor, ¿ya le vio el sombrero del gobernante?"

The difficult work now begins in earnest, and the spokespeople from the resistance are clear on this point: Zelaya is warmly welcomed back as the legitimate president, but more importantly as a compañero in the struggle for truly democratic constitutional reform, the most important immediate goal of the resistance.

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