10am-5pm curfew suspended so de facto govt. can stage pro-coup march

Just announced for the third time on the horror-movie-creepy-happy-music Cadena Nacional. They're planning to bring the "blancos" to the Brazilian embassy, where the few of them they manage to get there will be protected by the police and military, while the thousands and thousands of anti-coup demonstrators will once again be brutally attacked.

Los Necios Commmunique re: yesterday's repression

The OPLN [] wishes to communicate and denounce the nationwide violent repression and persecution experienced today, Tuesday 22 September by the military and armed forces of Honduras. Since 5am this morning when over 2000 people supporting the Constitutional President were removed from the vicinity of the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa the repressions ordered by the de facto government have escalated.

More denuncias from Radio Globo

A nurse from Hospital Escuela, describing, in tears, how the military violently prevented her from going to her job and relieving her colleagues who had worked 2-3 day shifts. Described horrific conditions inside, including the terror tactics used by police and military to intimidate patients and hospital workers and a lack of food and basic medical supplies for everyone in the hospital.

Video of neighborhood resistance/police repression

In Spanish...

Photos of yesterday's repression from Paul Carbajal

[my translations of his comments]

The police has captured hundreds of people; they are being taken to the "Chochi Sosa" Stadium at Villa Olimpica.

Another good site, Spanish and English links, added to the chaotic HONDURAS COUP LINKS list (under the image of my book, to the left)

The sound of a massacre

The view–and more importantly, sounds–of the police/military repression of Hondurans in their neighborhoods from outside Oscar's window, about 5 hours ago

The largest jail in the world, by Dr. Juan Almendares

The largest jail in the world
The pinochetazo of the 21st century
Juan Almendares, translation by RAJ

While some international organizations and governments discuss if what occurred in Honduras is a military coup from the empty formality of the "rule of law" or the State of Law, the truth is that there doesn't exist the least respect for the law nor human rights.

More muertes anunciadas

Trusted inside sources tell us that the de facto regime plans to forcibly evict the rural farmers who have taken over the facilities of the National Agricultural Institute (INA), in the pre-dawn hours.

Insurrection throughout Honduras

...and corresponding violent repression by police and military in neighborhoods around the country. Many people are reported killed throughout the city of Tegucigalpa, shot by agents of state violence for walking outside of their homes, and the more state violence, the more people resist. Some have even been attacked in their homes; an infant is reported to be in critical condition after a teargas canister was thrown by police into the house, which was suspected of harboring protesters.

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