Upcoming: International War and a useless OAS

The coup government may or may not invade the Brazilian embassy at 6pm local time if & when they cut off all the electricity, putting many lives (including the president's) at risk. Rumors have been rampant, so much so that the de facto government just went on cadena nacional, emergency signal, to announce that they don't have plans to use violence to enter the embassy. They are currently trying to smoke him out by throwing tear gas and blasting music inside the embassy. The water and gas and electricity have been cut off all day.

Israeli commandos in Honduras training the repressive forces

A story that has come out in a wide variety of news sources, and which Machetera has painstakingly translated from La Jornada in Mexico, provides details on Israeli commandos in Honduras training the coup military.

Images of today's repression, from Blanca Kat

U.S. finally taking a stand?

From the Raw Story

US pledges to help besieged Brazil embassy in Honduras

The United States pledged Tuesday to do whatever it can to help Brazil's embassy in Honduras, which was surrounded by soldiers and had its lights, water and phone lines cut off after deposed President Manuel Zelaya took refuge there.

Day 87, September 22nd from Oscar (translation by Camille Collins Lovell)

What began yesterday with a popular surprise party, following the unexpected arrival of President Zelaya to national territory, has become a savage persecution extending throughout the city against the women and men of the resistance.

Electricity cut, all independent media shut down, attack on embassy

Radio stations (Radio Globo, Radio Progreso) unavailable on air are still available on the internet (on & off). For minute-by-minute updates in Spanish by Oscar Estrada (currently in hiding near the Brazilian embassy with his partner Camille Collins Lovell and their young son Owen) and others, see:

I'm off to my day job, then to an interview with Russia Today on the situation in Honduras. Follow the HONDURAS COUP LINKS to the left for news in the meantime.

Do something, now

SOA Watch has a number of direct links. From their site:

Click here to contact your Member of Congress to demand that they take a stand for democracy and against the SOA-graduate-led military coup.

Please take a couple minutes and call the State Department at 202-647-4000 to deliver the following message: "Work for the unconditional immediate reinstatement of President Zelaya, demand that the Honduran military doesn't move against the people and their democratically elected president, Mel Zelaya and ensure that the coup plotters will be held responsible for their actions. Any bloodshed will be on the hands of the coup government and security forces."

Call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111 with the same message.

State of Emergency

It's worth noting, as RAJ does, that Micheletti's constitutional order involves suspending the constitution, first de facto, and now openly. A State of Emergency has been declared and the Constitution suspended. It's time for us to brush up on our Agamben.

Hooded soldiers invade Brazilian national territory

Heavily armed soldiers are currently invading the building next to the Brazilian embassy, breaking through to get access to the Brazilian embassy.

Military surround hospital to disappear the Hondurans they put there

The Hospital Escuela, which reports 17 critically injured patients (3 already dead) from the military attack outside the Brazilian embassy, and the Social Security Clinic, are currently surrounded by military soldiers, attempting to remove the patients.

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