Insurrection continues, youths being carted off in large numbers

...from neighborhoods all over the city, where hunger and the pent-up fury of imprisonment and attacks on people in their homes is provoking people to want to take back their neighborhoods.

Golpista complains about repression's price tag

You might think this is satire...but it's not. One of the coups financiers complains that the curfew is harming Honduras's economy. "If only that pesky resistance would stop making us have to repress them."

Honduras Curfew Costs Economy $50 Million Daily, Canahuati Says

By Blake Schmidt and Andres R. Martinez

Day 88, September 23, 2009 from Oscar (my translation)

[translator's note: from this morning- so much is happening that this is already somewhat outdated]
I began this note as the day approached marking the end of the dark night, and a new Honduras was about to awaken, full of anxiety and hope that what seems to be the climax of the crisis is the prelude of its demise. The dictatorship has certainly awoken a giant and to put him back to sleep they'll have to beat him with force or dye trying.

Indefinite curfew

Micheletti's government has announced indefinite imprisonment of the Honduran people.

Radio Globo shut down, government takes over Canal 36

Free speech: too dangerous for "democracy." Protesters, diverted from the Brazilian embassy, have moved on to the Radio Globo offices in solidarity. Meanwhile, after three days of imprisonment, people prevented from earning money and buying (thus eating) food have taken manners into their own hands, emptying out the golpista supermarkets.

Al Giordano breaks it down

de facto govt attempts to use civilians to invade embassy

Journalist Gilberto Ríos, on site, reports that members of the "blancos" march (so named for their white t-shirts) have been armed, and the de facto govet is trying to use them to enter the Brazilian embassy. Of course, the other possibility is that they are merely military dressed as "blancos." Awaiting more information...

10am-5pm curfew suspended so de facto govt. can stage pro-coup march

Just announced for the third time on the horror-movie-creepy-happy-music Cadena Nacional. They're planning to bring the "blancos" to the Brazilian embassy, where the few of them they manage to get there will be protected by the police and military, while the thousands and thousands of anti-coup demonstrators will once again be brutally attacked.

Los Necios Commmunique re: yesterday's repression

The OPLN [] wishes to communicate and denounce the nationwide violent repression and persecution experienced today, Tuesday 22 September by the military and armed forces of Honduras. Since 5am this morning when over 2000 people supporting the Constitutional President were removed from the vicinity of the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa the repressions ordered by the de facto government have escalated.

More denuncias from Radio Globo

A nurse from Hospital Escuela, describing, in tears, how the military violently prevented her from going to her job and relieving her colleagues who had worked 2-3 day shifts. Described horrific conditions inside, including the terror tactics used by police and military to intimidate patients and hospital workers and a lack of food and basic medical supplies for everyone in the hospital.

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