against policy (from David Graeber's Fragments)

I think I should repost this once every month or so. From Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology, p. 9:

against policy (a tiny manifesto):
The notion of “policy” presumes a state or
governing apparatus which imposes its will on
others. “Policy” is the negation of politics; policy is
by definition something concocted by some form of
elite, which presumes it knows better than others
how their affairs are to be conducted. By partici-
pating in policy debates the very best one can

Samuel Santos is not afraid of Juan Orlando Hernández

The public health sector and the workers trying to protect it are under serious, violent attack. I really hope this brave doctor does not get killed.

Liberals talk Cuba

Yesterday afternoon I finally accepted the invitation to go to one of the annual conferences of the Inter-American Dialogue (referred to by many on the Washingtonian left as the Monologue), in the basement level of the posh Willard Intercontinental Hotel. After office hours, I took the metro downtown and considered stopping to buy fancier pants before heading to the event.

Margarita Murillo, death squads and desperation

Margarita Murillo was murdered yesterday. She is one of the most formidable women I've ever met. It wasn't the 1980s death squads that killed her, even as she confronted that regime.

The State of Art in Honduras

Now that I'm back in the U.S. it feels a little safer to blog again. I'll start with this brilliant example of arts patronage in Honduras. You'll recall that following the coup, Zelaya's Minister of Culture, Arts & Sports, the renowned historian Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle was forced into exile (he spent his first semester teaching at Harvard) and the head of the IHAH (Honduran Institute for Anthropology and History), likewise renowned historian Darío Euraque, was illegally ousted from his post.

Cathy Schneider on Ferguson

Today: Arturo Viscarra & Vicki Cervantes on KPFA

Project Censored with hosts Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff
Friday | August 15 | 1:00 PM (Pacific)
KPFA 94.1 FM | Berkeley, California

Woman-on-the-Street Interview Last Saturday

I (of all people) should know by now to never accept an invitation to speak to TV reporters where I'm not being invited as an expert. But this one caught me, and I thought she might be interested in some real analysis about the roots of the current child migration crisis. So I told her all about them in quick, digestible soundbites: the 1980s wars, the 2009 coup, the violence of free trade agreements and U.S.

My interview last week on Flashpoints

Last Wednesday, July 9th, I had a lengthy conversation with Dennis Bernstein on KPFA Flashpoints about the Honduran child migration issue. You can listen to that HERE (at about 16 minutes in, although the first section is definitely worth listening to as well). At one point I cited a stat I had seen on a wall a couple days earlier. Granted, not the most "scientific" of data sources, but I have no doubt it's pretty close to true. I would have guessed fewer Hondurans get a higher education, actually.

Please support survivors of the Ahuas DEA massacre in their struggle for justice

I can't overstate the importance of this fundraiser on so many levels- from the immediate survival needs of the victims to the larger struggle against the U.S.-led drug war and military occupation of Honduras and Latin America. Please join me in donating now:

BENEFITING: Rights Action

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