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Two Reports on Political Killings in Honduras

  1. 229 Politically Related Murders in Honduras Under President "Pepe" Lobo
    By Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America (CRLN)
    Gary Cozette, gcozette@crln.org


Honduras Solidarity Network Election Observation & Human Rights Monitoring Program links

For the best & most complete info on election observation over the coming days keep focused on:

  1. Website: http://www.hondurassolidarity.org
  2. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hsnelectionwatch
  3. Twitter: http://twitter.com/hsnelection
  4. Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5yEwgyCWgMIKp632-ujcw
  5. Email: hsnwatch@hushmail.com

URGENT: International election observers intimidated and harassed by migration officers

From Karen Spring of Rights Action, see http://www.hondurassolidarity.org/ for this post and other updates:

This morning, Honduran officers from Migración y Extranjería arrived at the installations where HSN Northern delegations are staying and training in El Progreso, requesting that they speak to the HSN group. Since the group was in San Pedro Sula participating in a press conference, the Officers checked the IDs and documents of the Hondurans that work with ERIC that were present.

Interviews Available: Honduras Elections Amid "Intensified State Terror"

This press release went out today through the Institute for Public Accuracy:

Friday, November 22, 2013
Honduras Elections Amid "Intensified State Terror"
Interviews Available

MARK WEISBROT, via Dan Beeton, beeton at cepr.net

Chain text message

This text message is getting sent around Honduran cell phones (as it looks on my cheap dumbphone):

Yo no
cadenas, pero
ésta de verdad
si funciona...
ia... "JUAN
AMA" a 10
veras que por
lo menos 9 te
¡ Ni siquiera
tienes que
tener fe, Si no
lo reenvia
tendra 4 años
de dictadura.

Why vote for Romeo Vásquez Velásquez?

Why, indeed, should Hondurans vote for the SOA-trained general who carried out a coup that brought so much bloodshed and violence to their country and enjoys full impunity for his crimes thanks to the U.S.-funded whitewashing Truth and Reconciliation Committee and Pepe Lobo adminstration? Let us list the reasons, as articulated in a handbill being passed out yesterday on Tegucigalpa's peatonal:

The front (above) reads

GeneralⓇ [huh?]
Vásquez Velásquez

Where Will the Children Play? Neoliberal Militarization in Pre-Election Honduras

My new article with the above title is available on Upside Down World.

Translation and images of search warrant issued against activist Edwin Espinal

The following are pictures and a translation of the search warrant issued permitting FNRP activist Edwin Robelo Espinal's house to be violently ransacked in an operation involving 50-60 heavily armed military police officers wearing ski masks, around 6 dogs, at least one high-ranking officer of the national police, and 3 or 4 embedded reporters.

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