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Update: Radio Show, 11:45

I'll be on WUSB in 15 minutes talking about the coup.

Translation Completed: Coup D’état in Honduras. A Juridical Analysis, by Edmundo Orellana

Big thanks to all the volunteer translators who cranked this out on very short notice. To see the document complete with proper formatting, click here. Please alert me to any important errors in translation or editing (do not bother me with nitpicky ones; I don't have time).

Coup D’état in Honduras. A Juridical Analysis
Sunday, September 27, 2009 04:41

By: Edmundo Orellana
Professor, Faculty of Law
National University of Honduras

Very important piece by Al Giordano

Click here to read full article.

Reading the international press wires from Honduras in recent days, too many give the impression that Honduras coup “president” Roberto Micheletti has lifted last Sunday’s decree that suspended constitutional rights of free speech, press, assembly, transit and due process.

No such thing has happened. The decree, in all its repressive brutality, is still in full force.

NYC Press Conference Oct. 5 to announce fact-finding U.S. Delegation to Honduras

**Media Advisory** Contact:
Teresa Gutierrez: 917.328.6470

Press Conference Oct. 5 to announce fact-finding U.S. Delegation to Honduras

WHAT: A press conference featuring representatives of the U.S. Delegation to Honduras, who will announce their intention to travel to Honduras from Oct. 7-11 on a fact-finding mission. The delegation calls on elected officials, the Obama administration and the State Department to assure our safety.

Day 98, October 3, 2009 from Oscar (translation by Camille Collins Lovell)

Last night the body of professor Mario Contreras was mourned. He was sub-director of the Avelardo Fortín Institute, member of COPEMH [Association of Middle School Professors of Honduras] and of the Honduran resistance against the coup. Once again his death is compatible with the modus operandi of the dictatorship. He was attacked by gunshots by strangers who wanted, according to the police report, to steal his cell phone. This explication is inadequate because professor Contreras’s brother says that his cell phone was on his person, as well as his wallet and 500 Lempiras in cash.

Threat to and Systematic Destruction of Garifuna Peoples

Excerpt below. To see the full document in pdf form, click here



Black Garifuna Peoples of Honduras

Drafted by Representatives of the Association of Garifuna Municipalities, Iriona Municipality (Colon Department), Luagu Hatuadi Waduheñu Foundation, the First Public Garifuna Hospital in Honduras, and OFRANEH (National Black Fraternal Organization)

Juridical Analysis of the Coup by Edmundo Orellana, Part I

[Original in Spanish is available here. Thanks to Charles for his tireless and excellent translation work. We are working on translating the rest, and will have it up here as soon as it's done.]

Coup D’état in Honduras. A Juridical Analysis
Sunday, September 27, 2009 04:41
By: Edmundo Orellana
Professor, Faculty of Law
National University of Honduras

The short story of the Coup, recent Harvard lecture by Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle

I use, for this conference, a different title than the “sexy” one with which our friends at DRCLAS have advertised it. I have misgivings as to how much of an “insider” I have really been and am not sure I will cover here as much territory as my patrons would want. Let me start by warning also of what I am not going to do. I will not attempt to refute the various theses which I consider erroneous of the Coup, either from interested parties or from those uninformed commentators and new “experts” that have proliferated in the last three months. I will not try to solve false legal issues or fill in all the information gaps. Nor will I dramatize the monstrous human rights abuses in Honduras or complain about those who pontificate or are intent on whitewashing the de facto regime. I will not decipher the mysteries of American Foreign Policy, nor inventory the regional power games. And I will not give you a definitive and impartial version of the story, first of all because I am not inclined to do so, secondly because there is such thing as good and evil, black and white, in the face of which shades and subtleties seem irrelevant and lastly, because I am still Secretary of State for Culture…. But much confusion derives from the fact that people don’t know the basic story line and by trade, I feel obliged, on the other hand, to bring that story into a historical and theoretical perspective.

Upcoming Radio Gigs

I have neglected to announce here all the times I've gone on radio in the past few weeks. I've had great discussions with people on radio stations in Jamaica, Canada, right here in D.C., and across the U.S. I hope to have some of the archived interviews and a calendar module up soon, but in the meantime I wanted to let you know about 4 upcoming shows I'll be doing. Next Monday, October 5th, there's (all times EST)

  1. noon WUSB Stony Brook with Mort Mecklosky
  2. some time between 1 and 3 (although I think this one is taped) WRFG Atlanta
  3. 4:35 WRPI, Troy NY with Mark Dunlea
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