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It's not because I want to censor anything...I'm now getting so much viagra spam in the queue that I just don't have time to filter through it to find the genuine comments. So, if you want to post, I hope you will take the time to register. Use your real name or a fake one, use your regular email or a decoy one, I don't care. I know it's a hassle, but I very much appreciate [almost] all of your comments--not just the ones I agree with!

US senator, congressmen to meet with interim Honduras leader despite no-contact policy

That little brownshirt Schock is at it again. First he makes up a CRS report, now this...
By Ben Fox (CP) – 10 hours ago

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — A U.S. senator and three congressmen plan to meet Friday with Honduras' interim leader in defiance of official Washington policy barring contact with the architects of the military coup that ousted the nation's president.

Day 96, October 1st 2009 from Oscar (translation by Camille Collins Lovell)

October has arrived and gone is the possibility of a prompt solution to the current crisis. At this point, even if Zelaya returns to the presidency, the resistance will not be able to accept the San José accord because the elections, so touted by the dictatorship as a solution to the conflict, will provide no assurance of transparency and equality of circumstances to our candidates who during more than three months have struggled together with the people for their political rights.

Tio Camo, a fictional scenario from an anonymous author

I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe that Obama did not approve this coup. I've read Agee, McGehee, and the rest, and studied Honduras for almost 20 years, and Central America for many more; I've had many opportunities to poke around in its darkest corners and interact with the shadiest characters old movies can produce...

Day 95, September 30th 2009 from Oscar (translation by Camille Collins Lovell)

Finally the order was given to evict the compañeros from the INA (National Agrarian Institute). More than a thousand police and military agents arrived this morning to break down the doors of the building and capture the 70 men and women who for the last 3 months had taken over the the Institute´s offices throughout the country. They will likely be accused of sedition, the same as other compañeros currently detained in different prisons all over Honduras.

Article on FMLN solidarity rally last Saturday

Salvadorans Demonstrate Solidarity with Honduras
by Kara Newhouse and Laura Taylor

Freedom for Agustina Flores, Tortured Teacher

My Note: Teacher Agustina Flores is also a reporter for Radio Liberada, and was, according to the radio, "savagely beaten" while transmitting her morning report for them. See the beginning of her arrest on Jesse Freeston's most recent video, around 49 seconds in.

"I'm tired of these lesbian nuns coming into this country" -Lew Amselem

See what BoRev and ultimately brilliant translator and commentator Machetera dragged out of U.S. OAS representative Lew Amselem's closet, in response to his incredibly dangerous and hypocritical comments on Friday, quoted here in an article by Eli Clifton at IPS:

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Press Release

September 28, 2009

Stephanie Heiland
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

Me & Dolly Parton

...she's way better than the alternatives! Eek. I got this absurd gem as a reward for yesterday's press release (along with, among others, a long interview on a fantastically-informed Jamaican radio station last night, and another 45 minute interview next Monday around noon on WUSB):

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