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What everyone's talking about in Honduras

Former(?) death squad leader Billy Joya in debate with David Romero and César Silva (as uploaded and titled by Joya himself):

More reporting from Fred Alvarado (featuring David Vine!)

Part Two: Coup anniversary protest at the World Bank:

Part Three: Interview with David Vine (in English with subtitles):

More Río Blanco resources

See SOAW's moving essay on the burial of COPINH leader Tomás García, murdered in cold blood last week by the US-trained and funded Honduran military defending mining projects funded by Chinese and Canadian capital. This murder is a part of a campaign of terror being carried out by a state that is terrified of the brewing insurrection within hundreds of indigenous and campesino communities threatened by hydroelectric and related mining projects.

Today: Police and Military Attack Students in front of the UNAH

My translation. News report in El Tiempo here


Tegucigalpa, D.C. 2:30 p.m.

The National Network of Human Rights Defenders denounces the repression being carried out by members of the National Police and Army against students of the flagship Tegucigalpa National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH), after a street protest in front of the campus. At 1pm the repression began with tear gas canisters fired, once again, in an indiscriminate and excessive fashion to such an extent that at the release of this alert, the police and soldiers have retreated because they ran out of tear gas.

Back in Town

I spent many extra hours in the airport on both ends. I found myself inside Tegucigalpa customs short the 9 suitcases that didn't make the transfer in Miami (the airline neglected to inform me there was a temporary embargo on boxes to Tegucigalpa, so I missed my first flight) and waiting for a veterinarian to come sign a form in triplicate (USD$100 to her, $20 to agricultural inspection) promising to give my cat a shot in a few days.

Some things we should be paying attention to, past 10 days version

  • Too much to say about Trayvon Martin here, and too many people doing a better job than I could for me to add meaningfully. Mostly, get out and fight that shit.
  • Keane Bhatt had a great exchange on AJE's Inside Story Americas the other night with Washington insider, Honduran coup supporter, and all around evil villainess Diana Villers Negroponte. Watch it and read his commentary on his blog at NACLA: On Edward Snowden, UNASUR and Double Standards

TV Globo's Fred Alvarado Reporting From the Belly of the Beast

A look at the Snowden revelations and US responses from Honduran journalist Fred Alvarado: En las entrañas de la Bestia: el caso de Edward Snowden. Washington DC

Aníbal Barrow ¡Presente!

Grillo tweets:

Secuestrado, asesinado, quemado y descuartizado... esto es "Libertad de Expresión" en Honduras

which translates as:

Kidnapped, murdered, burnt and dismembered...this is "Freedom of Expression" in Honduras

Moskitia damage control, part II

JTFB's Facebook promo of a June 25th medical exercise PR visit to Barra Patuca with the ambassador had this pic and caption:

The American ambassador to Honduras visited the remote village of Barra Patuca, Gracias a Dios, June 25, while service members of Joint Task Force-Bravo and the Honduran Ministry of Health conducted a medical readiness training exercise in the region.

Egypt's current coup vs. the 2009 coup in Honduras

For those of you trying to understand the differences between the 2009 military coup in Honduras and the current military coup in Egypt (yes of course it's a coup), one important one is that the former was carried out without popular support and in the service of neoliberalism, whereas in the latter the military took advantage of a popular revolt largely carried out against neoliberalism.

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