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Frank Mora lays out counterinsurgeny plan for Cuba

Democracy's nemesis, Frank Mora, is once again using FIU's pseudoacademic, SOUTHCOM-funded Latin American and Caribbean Center (which a colleague in Florida once aptly described to me as a gusanera) to promote counterinsurgency plans against Latin American democracy. See here for resources on FIU's "Strategic Culture" program to label all left-leaning countries in the hemisphere infantile and in need of (further) U.S.-led militarization, which would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous.

Letter to asylum attorney seeking expert

Dear __________,

Reflection for the Country

Reflection for the Country
(my translation, signatories below)

Some Telesur appearances about Cuba

I had a couple gigs this past week as a Telesur talking head. I always cringe at my TV Spanish (I swear, it's usually better than this). The first, from March 31st, is missing the audio where I said "la obligación de" (in which I cast aspersion on Obamacare as part of a larger argument about negative vs. positive conceptions of human rights).

Update on Garifuna Health/Nurse Solidarity Projects

A few months back I posted a follow-up talk show program I did with some of my Honduran nursing & med students with whom I organized a health solidarity brigade to Ciriboya last year recently. I also recently published a short piece in National Nurse magazine reflecting on the experience:

From the Ms. Archives

Courtesy of Joel Pomerantz, this little gem from Sept 1973 Ms Magazine, page 20, Gazette News:

Support Washington Hospital Center Nurses

NNU Nurses at Medstar Washington Hospital Center will go on strike next Monday, December 22nd, to demand that their employer put patients before profits. In this video some of the nurse leaders explain in their own words why they are striking:

AFGJ Honduras Delegation announcement

Alliance for Global Justice invites you to join our
Honduras Delegation
January 25-Feb. 3, 2015

State of democracy one-year after the elections: insecurity and migration

AU Ferguson protest Weds December 3rd

Organized by the Black Student Alliance at American University.

Franz Boas Podcast episode 1: 13 minutes with Adrienne Pine

I am honored to be featured on the inaugural Franz Boas Podcast of the San Francisco State Anthropology Department. The interview is available HERE.


Interview with Dr. Adrienne Pine, conducted by Dr. James Quesada
San Francisco, Nov. 14, 2014

JQ: My name is James Quesada. I am a professor of Anthropology and Chair of the Department of Anthropology at San Francisco State.

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